Brotherman, in two parts
Introducing PP-003

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Our third release is a buried funk instrumental by Mancefield & The Brother Man Band.

Reminiscent of stage band music from the 1960s and 70s, “Brotherman” opens with a major key splash that promises good things to come. The track delivers as the band moves into the hallmark heavy bass, with a horn section blasting a melody that’s almost instantly memorable. Then into some sick saxophone that adds some significant heat — at a time before the sax became a staple for radio-safe smooth jazz.
Far from feeling like a radio cut, this 2-part epic feels more appropriate for a summer block party — or maybe something you would hear alongside the super-talented bands on DJ Shadow’s “Schoolhouse Funk” compilation.

For how little we know about Mancefield & The Brother Man Band, there’s one thing we know for certain — the talent exhibited here is huge. “Brotherman” is more like several tracks in one — a suite of funk that we’re proud to deliver to your DJ set or home record player.

Get it while you can on limited-run vinyl and embark on your next funk odyssey.
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- The Preservation Project