008 Wholesale: Sleepless Nights / I Love You

008 Wholesale: Sleepless Nights / I Love You

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PP008 - Shipping in late November

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Whew - we took some time off, but we're back with a very limited press, incredibly soulful 7" 45rpm. 

Soaring vocals and a strong backbeat greet the ears on side A - throw in some harmony vocal backing and you have the recipe for a Soul classic that has never been heard before! The unknown singer belts out a tune about heartbreak and insomnia that is sure to satisfy.
I Love You on the B-side greets us with more of the same. Hardly a throwaway track, instead it competes to be a double A-side! More heartbreak here, the singer is left again by his lover. His unrequited love shines through on the track along with strong horns and an equally snappy backbeat.