Masters Series: One [MS001]

Masters Series: One [MS001]

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Welcome to the first of the Masters Series, a cache of very limited releases for people who understand that some things, no matter how hard you try, just can't be tamed. 

Already being spun by the likes of Michael Robinson (Dig Deeper, NY) and just entering the collective conscious of the R&B scene worldwide, this release is a double-sided dancefloor destroyer.

Both sides rip with tremendous energy:

Some Of These Days - Unknown Artist (click to listen)

Love With The Feeling - Carl Homes & The Commanders (click to listen)

Those who know will recognize the name Carl Holmes from well-established winners like "Soul Dance No. 3" and "Unchain My Heart". Not that the tune needs a pedigree, but things like that never hurt.

Be ahead of the curve and on the groundfloor - once these sell out they will be hard to pry out of the grip of top djs around the world.

You won't find these for sale on our website, or anywhere else for that matter. All purchases are limited to two copies.* Enjoy.

The story behind The Masters Series

In our hunt for unreleased soul, we occasionally find some incredible gems that are just a bit too beaten to restore to the ears of the general public. Rather than return them to the dusty basements from whence they came, we press them in small batches to share with those who love to share. 

*Let's not get greedy... If you pay for more than 2 copies, we will happily use the extra cash to buy Rambo on our shipping team some beer and wings.