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The EP Club is a subscription series for our EP releases. The first EP (12005) ships in July, and then bi-monthly after that. Each EP follows the 7" by one month.

Our new EP series is the companion to the limited, and always sold out 7".  Each EP contains the unreleased hits of its related 7" release, and an exclusive track or two as well. You may find unedited versions of tracks that were trimmed to fit on 7", instrumental versions, second parts, and other tracks not found anywhere else. EPs weigh in at 180 grams, stretch 12", and spin at 45RPM.

Whereas our 7" series is limited and made for the collector/DJ, the EP suits both the general music-lover who may be discovering undiscovered music for the first time as well as the persnickety audiophile who just can't bring himself to listen to anything less than 180g vinyl. 

The first EP (PP12005) ships in July, one month following its 7" relative (PP005). Pre-order, track information, and sound samples will be available in a few months.

Important notes for EP Club members:

  • Release of the EP trails the 7" by one month, as it takes an extra 30 days to pack all that super deliciousness onto a bigger fatter slab!
  • Track listing and previews are unavailable for the EP Club, so in many ways, you are taking a risk that you will like what we put out there. The EP Club is for people who understand the gamble, and dig The Preservation Project's expedition into uncharted territories of funk and soul music. 
  • Please note that we fulfill your order with any on-hand stock, however, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a previous or current release. It's best to expect a future release (and not the one pictured) as your first shipment. 
  • We apologize, but we cannot combine this shipment with other orders from our store.