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The Preservation Project

Wholesale - I Know Where You're Coming From / She Is All I Need [015]

Wholesale - I Know Where You're Coming From / She Is All I Need [015]

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Did you know that Judy Freeman and Blackrock cut more songs than the 4 that were put out in 1971? We know of at least one.

"I Know Where You're Coming From" is a 70s funky Northern Soul masterpiece. We've rescued a lost, never heard before, track by the group for the A-Side here. Fans of their music will immediately connect with this blistering anthemic Northern Soul monster. Go ahead and grab the talcum powder, and prepare to dance up a storm to this one.

We've selected the completely unrelated, previously unreleased Marshall Hooks "She Is All I Need" for the B-Side on this one. A relatively straight ahead Otis Redding-styled Soul original that thumps and a nice compliment to the A-Side. If you aren't familiar, Marshall released one Lp on Blue Horizon and a monster R&B 7" in 1965 on the Muriel label.
Press Run

7", 45RPM
Will not be repressed.
Street Date: Feb 17, 2023
Pink Vinyl Press Run: 300 (three hundred), $17 wholesale / retail price: $25
Black Vinyl Press Run: 1,000 (one thousand), $10 wholesale / retail price: $15

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