About Us

The Preservation Project is an independent organization based in Austin, Texas, specializing in recovering and curating obscure 60s, 70s and 80s music.

Featuring a variety of carefully-chosen sides from all soul genres, we invite you to explore the sonic beauty you’ll find here that’s lived in obscurity until now.

We’re friends with a shared passion.

We’re here to resurrect and showcase recorded material that may have otherwise gone unheard.

Most of the musicians TPP will feature recorded a single acetate or tape, leaving their work unknown to the general public. It is a great pleasure to now present these fully-restored recordings from the cutting room floors of studios — many of which are no longer in operation.

These artifacts tell us something about the time and place in which they were made, and about the people who made them. Though we gather as much information as we can before each release, little is known about many of the recordings we offer.

We invite you to contact us with any additional insight or information you have about any of our releases.

We’re grateful to share our passion with you.

We wish to express our deepest thanks to our friends, families and fellow record collectors who helped bring The Preservation Project to life.  

Special shoutout and thanks to Chris Reisman for his invaluable contributions to the Project.

Thank you to Kevin Jones for creating our logo, packaging and this beautiful website.

We especially wish to thank the artists and musicians who poured their passion out onto tape or acetate — blessing and inspiring us with these recordings that we now enjoy together. We celebrate this music with the greatest love and respect.

And to you, the listener — thank you for your time and attention. This project is ultimately for you. Please enjoy.