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The Preservation Project

Masters Series: Two [MS-002]

Masters Series: Two [MS-002]

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Welcome to Masters Series - for people who understand that some things, just can't be tamed. (Read: these are scratchier/rougher recordings from busted acetates. Click the listen tab to preview quality. These are cleaned up as best we can get them - if that's going to not work for you, don't order!)

This is our second release in The Master Series, featuring two cover songs - both from a group calling themselves Third Creation. It is unknown if the group featured on this release is the same Chicago group that famously released "Puppet On A Chain", though the vocals make the case for this being a different group entirely.

The A-side is a stunning Crossover Soul Ballad cover of The Fuzz's "Leave It All Behind Me". The Fuzz were a vocal trio who worked with the famed Washington DC producer Joe Tate on their release. Here, Third Creation deliver a looser, more ethereal version of the song that is the shining star of this release.

The B-side appears to be a song sketch that was never finished. The only vocals laid down on tape is the chorus. It was meant to be a Psychedelic Soul cover of the Neil Young classic "Down By The River". The plodding rhythm track leaves a lot to our collective imagination. What would this track have been like fully fleshed out and arranged? What kind of solo would they have chosen? Would it have come close to the Purple Snow version? We'll never know!

The story behind The Masters Series

In our hunt for unreleased soul, we occasionally find some incredible gems that are just a bit too beaten to restore to the ears of the general public. Rather than return them to the moldy basements from whence they came, we press them in small batches to share with those who love to share.

Press Run

7", 45RPM
Will not be repressed.
Street Date: March 12, 2021
Frosty (White) Vinyl Press Run: 300 (three hundred), original price: $30
White Label Test Press Run: 5 (five), not for sale


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